How to Watch Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls on Kodi

watch gennady golovkin vs. steve rolls on kodi

Are you ready to see the most enticing matchup of the season, between the the incredible Gennady GGG Golovkin and the undisputed rookie Steve Rolls, in a challenging middleweight lineup. The stakes are high, tensions blaring and drama is ever present as the experienced middleweight and the promising greenhorn rake up what is the promising to be one fight you simply need to watch. Moreover, and what better than to enjoy it right here on Kodi!

It is quite frankly the chance of a lifetime and with thousands of varying features what more could you possibly ask for, will Steve Rolls stand up to the challenging god of war up till the infamous 5th round, or will Gennady GGG Golovkin, show this rookie the front door. Find out on June 8th and what better place to watch it Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls but on Kodi.

The exhilarating Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls fight in the United States on DAZN, may seem a distant goal for some due to their location however, with FastestVPN you can eliminate your fear altogether. FastestVPN simply wishes to make you the happiest you’ve ever felt, and we claim to have the true secret to success. With the unique ability to secure, your entire internet access, they truly are but only a click away!

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When is the fight and when will it Start?

The grand fight night is on June 8th however due to a few time zone differences, there are few discrepancies in timing for UK and US viewers alike. Nevertheless, the timing for the match is 4am UK and that too will take place at the fabulous Maddison Square Garden in New York, after all its only fitting for these those gladiators face off in a monumental stadium such as this! Don’t miss the jaw dropping moments and epic scenes right on your Kodi device.

Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls on Kodi

If you’re a fan of the MMA world you have definitely heard of the legend himself Gennady GGG Golovkin, with a track record that dates all the way back to 2006! And an impressive 85% KO rate, really what more could possibly ask for, the triple G himself plans to shut the lesser known undefeated and undisputed middleweight contender Steve Rolls. Although the rookie has somewhat of a reach advantage, the fight is infect expected to be exhilarating and interesting all the same, that too all right here on Kodi! Although, that is of course keeping in mind that the content available for all of the services you wish are not geo-restricted. Or otherwise not restricted in your country. Of course we have a way of getting around this, we recommend using a VPN service like FastestVPN. A VPN which will allow you to circumvent geo restrictions and give you access to the live streams for all your favorite shows and events much like this. It is also designed to secure your connection and give you online privacy you deserve! After all this is our dream to give you the best possible service, without you having a care in the world.

Official Broadcasters

  1. DAZN (US)
  2. Sky Sports Action (UK)

How to Watch Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls on Kodi

With the incredible amount of drama recently between GGG Golovkin, and the unmovable force called Steve Rolls there is no doubt, this match is one to leave many gob smacked! However, For the purpose of this blog, we will discuss Sky Sports and one of the other popular community choice apps that you can use on Kodi, Cerebro IPTV

Follow the steps below to install it:

  1. Download Kodi on your device
  2. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  3. Configure FastestVPN on your Kodi device
  4. Setup VPN with UK server IP when configuring VPN on Router
  5. Launch Kodi
  6. Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon on the top-left corner
  7. Select File Manager and double-click on Add Source
  8. Click on <NONE> and enter this URL link
  9. Now hit enter and give a name the repository “Fusion”
  10. Hit OK and go to the home screen
  11. Go to Settings > Add-ons
  12. Choose Install from Zip File and choose Fusion > Repositories > English > Leopold
  13. Click on to add it to your repository
  14. Go back to Add-ons and now choose Install from Repository and search Leopold’s in the list
  15. Click on Sky Sports Video and hit install
  16. Go back to home again and select Add-ons > Video Add-ons
  17. Launch Sky Sports Video

We know it may seem daunting thus our talented and ever ready team is always available and ready to help you in whatever, you may need. Quality and excellent customer service is at the core of whatever we do. So never fear simply sit back and relax as you can rest assured our team, has got whatever you need.

Where Is It And How Can I Get Tickets?

This middleweight golden match-up will take place in the famous Maddison Square Garden and is surely set-up to not disappoint, as these hallowed halls hosted the likes of many greats like Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, you would honestly be doing yourself a great dis-service by not being there or even missing this match! Tickets are always on sale via the Madison Square website and of course other third-party ticket exchanges. Costing a fair bit regardless, due to the sheer size of this matchup! Likely enough the tickets will be sold fast and are expected to be sold out soon, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Which Channels Will Be Broadcasting The Fight?

Sky Sports Action has exclusive pay-per-view coverage, while viewers in America will be able to watch via streaming service DAZN the official broadcaster choice of Gennady Golovkin, after cancelling with HBO.

What Do The Records Say And What Are The Best Odds?

With the massive talent on each side In the case of the undefeated Steve rolls of 19/0 and the talented Gennady Golovkin with 39/1 , thus  the odds of this matchup are as follows: Gennady Golovkin to win: 1/50, Steve Rolls to win: 18/1 and Draw: 33/1.

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To bring it to a close, Gennady Golovkin vs. Steve Rolls on Kodi is sure to change your life forever, regardless to say of such a case the service provided is not available in your country never fear, as you can still enjoy the fight and it won’t cost you much at all, at 1/3 of the price you can avail FastestVPN, and using the steps outlined in the article you are sure to never go wrong when using Fastest VPN.

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