An Essential Tool for Gamers: Best Gaming VPN for 2019

Best Gaming VPN

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is the ultimate tool available for your cybersecurity. A VPN works by extending a private network over a public network, and this allows you to send and receive data anonymously on your device. Due to this feature, VPNs are allowed to unlock geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

To gamers specifically, this means easy access to restricted games like Fortnight, Pokémon Go, or DayZ which due to various reasons, may not be available in your region. The technology developed with the original goal of allowing remote users and branch offices to access corporate applications and resources. However, the invention has done much more than just that.

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Why do you need a VPN for Gaming?

In a world of growing cyber security problems, you must be wondering what is the best gaming VPN out there? Alternatively, why do we even need to have a VPN for gaming at all? Although it might sound unnecessary, these VPNs allows you to unblock geo-restricted games, access locked servers from other regions on earth, protect against harmful malware, and eliminate ads. Is your Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, or DayZ blocked? Whatever the case using a VPN or A Virtual Private Network should eliminate these restrictions.

Furthermore, there is also the ever-present risk of cyber-security threats. When you use a VPN, it ultimately increases your protection against third parties and hackers who are continually trying to steal and manipulate your data. This risk gets amplified when you are playing online; where your data regularly is exposed to others in that server. Don’t wait around for your data to get hacked! Protect yourself today by subscribing to our list of the best gaming VPN for 2019, and choose the best VPN, which offers the most features within the given budget.

Moreover, if you’re still doubtful on why a gaming VPN is so important? Don’t forget there’s also always a chance that the VPN connection shall reduce your ping time and thus improve download speeds for your game, which overall affects the responsiveness of your game. Through rigorous testing, we have also found out that the latency of some VPNs in our list is much faster than others, this lowered latency makes the VPN much faster and reduces the time it takes to connect to their servers, and one such example of this is FastestVPN.

Top 5 Gaming VPNs in 2019


FastestVPN, like many other great VPN providers, does not compromise on the quality of service they offer; for that reason, they do not offer any free trials. Moreover, their service is compatible with 20+ devices whether you are playing the latest games from CyberPunk 2019 to Days Gone FastestVPN, is one of the latest in line of up-coming, ultra-fast VPN providers. Built only a few years ago in 2017, FastestVPN exceeds all expectations by providing you access to hundreds of geo-restricted games.

Moreover, with over a million customers globally, it’s not surprising that FastesVPN has hundreds of reviews posted on various websites like TrustPilot. Their website alone also hosts several blogs, which offer step by step guides on how to download the latest live events, TV shows, and movies on your Xbox, PS4, iOS, Andriod or SmartTV device. The FastestVPN team works tirelessly around the clock to provide you the ultimate user experience, seriously committing to international standards of service, and prioritizing their customers’ satisfaction, and security above all else.

  • Number of servers: 150+ servers
  • Server locations: 29+ countries.
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: 10+
  • Average Download Time: 2 minutes.


  1. Does Not Log Your Activity
  2. Numerous servers which reduce latency
  3. Supports Five Protocols with AES 256-Bit Encryption
  4. Torrenting Is Allowed
  5. Compatible with Multiple Devices
  6. Very Easy to Use
  7. Simultaneous Connections Allowed
  8. Leaks Fixed
  9. Internet Kill Switch


  1. Doesn’t seem to Work with Tor
  2. No free trial

Payment plans:

  • 1 month: $10/Month
  • 1 Year Plan: $2.49/month
  • 3 Year Plan: $1.11/Month
  • 5 Year Plan: $0.83/Month

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ExpressVPN formed in 2009 with the goal to provide continuous protection, from anywhere in the world whether you wish to download geo-restricted games or secure your data online. Their comprehensive security protocols ensure maximum security regardless. Founded in the British Virgin Islands ExpressVPN has the added benefit of being in a safe jurisdiction with zero data logging laws.

These features inevitably make ExpressVPN the best VPN provider in the industry today. The VPN provider described by many as the ultimate security tool for encrypting your web traffic regardless of what device you use. They also have a vast range of apps available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers.

Moreover, with servers locations in France, the United States, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, and India have made it extremely easy for customers to connect to the server of their choice and download the content they desire.

  • Number of servers: 160 servers
  • Server locations: 94 countries.
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: 3
  • Average Download Time: 2 minutes.


  1. Numerous Features
  2. TOR compatibility
  3. Strong Encryption
  4. No Log” Policy


  1. Transparency could be improved
  2. Steep price point
  3. Slow Speed
  4. No Kill switch

Payment plans:

  • 15 Months: $194.25
  • 1 Month: $ 12.95
  • 6 Months: $ 9.99/ per month

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CyberGhost, although known for its vast server, count all over the world, however, has been in deep waters lately regarding rumored security concerns. In our opinion, a VPN provider that compromises on your security isn’t considered a VPN at all! However, don’t take our word for it; various third-party sites have also stated that CyberGhost does not fulfill the quality standards they expected from a top-notch VPN.

Regardless to say, CyberGhost founded their company back in 2011 to unlock geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. The CyberGhost team mainly attributes their success in the industry to their strong support of uncensored internet culture, without compromising on user experience and the millions of customers worldwide are a true testament to that perspective.

  • Number of servers: 4900 servers
  • Server locations: 64+ countries
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: 7
  • Average Download Time: 4 minutes.


  1. All Essential Features
  2. Excellent User Experience
  3. Compatible with TOR.
  4. Easy to download


  1. Questionable Parent Company
  2. Not the Fastest
  3. Third-Party Reviews are terrible
  4. Alleged Security Concerns.

Payment plans:

  • 1 Month: $12.99
  • 1 Year: $5.99/month
  • 3 Years: $2.75/month

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With the second highest number of devices supported simultaneously, you might think IPVanish takes the cake when it comes to the best gaming VPN of 2019; however, you would be wrong. IPVanish works like any other provider by masking your real IP behind a wall of encryption.

This dramatically reduces the threat of hackers, regardless of what device you use. However, their service lacks all the essential features you would typically see in a bigger VPN rendering IPVanish a bad customer trust score. Numerous third-party sites have also commented the same, making IPVanish a considerable liability when used for gaming.

  • Number of servers: 1,300+ servers
  • Server locations: 75+ countries.
  • IP addresses: 40,000+
  • Maximum devices supported: 10
  • Average Download Time: 3 minutes.


  1. Working and affordable Apps.
  2. Zero Traffic Logs.
  3. Secure Encryption (AES-256).
  4. TOR Compatibility.


  1. Third-Party Reviews are bad.
  2. No 24/7/ Customer Support
  3. Packages are not reasonable

Payment plans:

  • 1 Year: $143.88
  • 1 Month: $10.00
  • 3 Months: $8.99/month

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Cybersecurity threats are incredibly complicated. However, NordVPN makes it seem extremely simple with innovative features, shielding your activity from hackers and harmful malware, regardless of what device you are using. NordVPN has also earned numerous 5-star reviews from other third-party sites. By providing only the best standards of service and focusing on user-experience at the core, NordVPN indeed has taken the VPN industry by storm.

Preferred by millions of customers, they are the number one VPN provider in the market today. NordVPN features also include ad-blocking capability, malware protection, dedicated VPN apps, 99.99% uptime, and 256-Bit AES encryption to name a few. Thus regardless if you’re playing FIFA or Pro-Evolution, you can trust that NordVPN would not affect your gameplay even in high settings.

  • Number of servers: 5000+ servers
  • Server locations: 60 countries
  • IP addresses: N/A
  • Maximum devices supported: 6
  • Average Download Time: 3 minutes.


  1. Numerous Features & Add-Ons
  2. Works great for Torrenting.
  3. Knowledgeable Customer Support


  1. Not TOR compatible
  2. Company Not Transparent
  3. Refund Can Take up to 30 Days

Payment plans:

  • 1 Month: $10.00
  • 3-month plan: $8.99/month
  • 1 Year: $143.88
  • 3-year: $3.99/ per month
  • 2-year: $2.99/ per month

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Choose from our list of the best gaming VPN in 2019, to maximize your security when playing the latest Dying Light game, or the latest Star Wars game. However, regardless of what device you use, remember the best VPN must be easily compatible with whatever device you use to play your games on. Including your Microsoft, Windows, Xbox, PS3, PS4, and Android devices. Moreover, the best VPN must also provide all the necessary features you would typically see in other VPNs, including those that you wouldn’t typically see.

These features include, 20+ Device Compatibility, 10 simultaneous Connections, DNS Leak Protection, DNS Leak Protection, Server End Features, P2P Optimized servers, Unlimited Server Switching, Unlimited Bandwidth, 99.99% Uptime, 256-Bit AES Encryption, Multiple Protocol, Wi-Fi Security, NAT Firewall, Internet Kill Switch, Anonymous Torrenting, Fast Buffering and Downloading, Defeat ISP Throttling and access to Geo-Restricted games obviously. We would recommend FastestVPN to be the best gaming VPN owing to the features they offer to facilitate gaming smoothly.

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