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TopVPNService (TVS) is looking out for the best content writers out there. Do you have the creative talent required to write for us? Then we implore you to follow these instructions and become one of our valued writers!


At Top VPN service, the first thing we see is passion. If you hold a passion for writing on tech then we invite you to join our platform. You’ll be working alongside our editorial staff in the process of reviewing your content and deciding on topics that you want to contribute. After that, it’s as simple as getting your article published.

Take a look at these following guidelines in detail.


TopVPNService is all about providing our readers about internet freedom they need. More specifically, we are focused on VPN technology. With that in mind, you can also take a look at our recently published articles to draw inspiration from the various kinds of topics we cover daily. These are some of the topics you can expect to write about:

  • Latest developments in the world of Virtual private networks
  • VPN on your favorite devices and streaming channels
  • Why are internet security and privacy solutions so important
  • Virtual Private Network and their applications, technologies, and services.
  • Torrent downloads using VPNs
  • Trending VPN related news

What characteristics make the best VPN?

Types of Publications

Featured on our website is a whole range of news articles and in-depth tutorials and opinion pieces. Take a look at the content guidelines and article lengths that varies from topic to topic:

News (500 – 1000 words):

At TVS, our exclusive news articles cover the latest topics regarding the VPN service we provide. These articles are typically not lengthy in nature.

Tutorials (1500 – 3000 words):

VPNs can be highly technical sometimes. Thus, we also feature hundreds of incredibly informative tutorials for our customers. Mostly written in a casual tone with a detailed step-by-step guide along with pictures, your tutorial can also include a touch of flair and creativity to draw your audience.

Articles (2000 – 5000 words):

These articles provide in-depth It is through these articles that your inner writing genius shines.

What You Must Follow

All our writing samples need to be well-structured explorations of topics that we covered or the topic or your choice. At Top VPN service, we only accept contributions, which are rigorously structured and written. These are some of the other things you should keep in mind while submitting your piece.


All contributions submitted to TVS should be within the aforementioned word count depending on the type of contribution. 1500 to 2000 word contributions are frequent due to its creativity and the overall “no holds barred” aspect. Nevertheless, you are all always free to write on any publication of your choice. A non-plagiarized picture reflecting the topic of your choice is always welcomed in all your content.


At TVS, we accept only content written in editable Google Documents or Word format. We also implore you don’t mail hardcopy portions your article. We strictly only accept electronic copies at TVS.


One of the core consideration for your content is originality. At TVS, we have a strict policy against plagiarized content. Moreover, you should also note that TopVPNService reserves the right to check for plagiarism and whether or not your contribution has not previously published by someone else?


As a contributor, we also respect the right to reserve the copyright ownership of all your work. However, the exception is that you grant to TopVPNService an irrevocable and permanent license to use, modify, publish, and reproduce, your contribution for any other purpose of our choice.


As a contributor, you’re assured of full intellectual liability for any of your work. In other words, you shall take full responsibility for any of the content you submit and its originality. Moreover, any ideas or point of views you represent in the material regardless of where you are in the world you can be held accountable.

Submitting Your Article

Once you have decided to become a contributor at TopVPNService, you can email us at You can send in a list of published articles in your work experience.

We will then proceed to review your profile with our editorial staff. It usually takes us less than a week to respond, but in the case that you do not hear a reply from us, your profile most probably did not meet our requirements.

How the Process Works

Once we have confirmed your profile, here’s how the process will work for you.

Firstly, you shall receive an email congratulating you that your topic suggestion was accepted by our editors. From here, you can begin to work on your article.

Once you prepare the article, you can then submit the first draft document. Expect to receive feedback more frequently now.

After addressing the various issues presented in your feedback, you can now send your article for the final revision or approval.

At this point, TVS has already scheduled the publication date for your content and shall communicate with you accordingly. At TopVPNService, we reserve the right to promote your content on all our social media channels and including on our exclusive newsletter.

The dedicated team at TopVPNService is forever grateful for your continued interest in becoming a part of our ever-growing team.


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