What is Web Privacy – How Can Privacy Be Made More Secure?

What Is Internet Privacy

In the modern age of the web, there has been a growing concern on the sheer number of cybersecurity problems, and basic web privacy rights as a whole. In light of these unfolding events, virtual private networks have grown to become the leading security solution.

When it comes to your internet privacy, without a VPN your basic fundamental privacy and security rights shall always be under threat. Nowadays, private and public companies track user-behavior across websites they visit, and sell it to other third-party websites, which in turn sends you targeted ads. In fact, governments are also notorious for managing and tracking your data, which they say is for national security purposes, but you may never know.

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Common Web Privacy Issues

Now that you know what is the basic principles of internet privacy let us tell you some of the problems associated with this.

Targetted Ads

When you browse the web, you must have noticed these targeted advertisements, which depict pictures based on your past web searches. These advertisements are a result of other websites selling your data, thus giving away your anonymity and privacy along with it.

Note: FastestVPN was founded in 2017 with the goal of revolutionizing your online experience and 2 year later, has taken the world by storm as the fastest growing VPN providers with all the latest technologies and features. Of course, you can easily check out their services in more detail on their immensely user-friendly site.


Believe it or not, Governments are also guilty of logging your data. In America is there is a growing debate every year of online privacy.


In America alone, millions of people have been affected by identity theft. Cybercriminals use methods like; malware, spyware, and phishing techniques to break into your online accounts or device and steal your personal information for this reason we recommend you subscribe to FastestVPN, which has layers of security like 256 AES-Bit encryption and multiple security protocols to retain your online anonymity.

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The following section is dedicated to frequently asked questions on your web privacy.

Is Internet Privacy Dead?

Yes, in the modern world it is but don’t let that discourage you, there are still ways you can increase your internet privacy, and one such way is subscribing to VPN, which has encryption technology to protect your internet traffic.

Why Does Internet Privacy Matter?

We understand it probably won’t do you any harm if you continue to remain unprotected over the web, but trust us when we say internet privacy matters greatly! Imagine if these third-party websites gain information on your medical records, your security information, and much more. The answer to this is better to stay prepared than ready for the inevitable.

Will the Desire for Web Privacy Ever Decrease?

The desire for web privacy shows no sign of decreasing. As long cybercriminals remain out there and ready to steal your data, we advise you always remain vigilant while online. More and more Internet users are also starting to realize the importance of protecting their privacy and personal data, which aims to increase the need for web security even more.

What Countries Have the Toughest Internet Privacy Laws?

According to numerous leading polls, the counties of; Greece, Canada, Romania, Hungary, and Argentina are leading the charge on internet security in the world, in an effort to combat hackers and other online pirates.

What Are Some Interesting Facts Internet Privacy?

Here are some of the fact on web privacy you should know and understand;

Firstly, While there are many social media websites and search engines, which can be used by you for absolutely no cost at all, the side effects are immense on your Internet privacy as they track your browsing history; thus end up selling it to the highest buyer for their own gain or use that information to show you targeted advertisements as we discussed above.

Secondly, private browsing doesn’t necessarily protect your privacy from websites or hackers, who are constantly monitoring your activity online. However, it should only prevent your browser from recording information about you. Thus it’s honestly pointless as third-parties can still see what you’re up to online.

Thirdly, everything you do online and everywhere you go whether you post about it on Facebook or else been saved and archived by your ISP.

FastestVPN blocks out all these disadvantages when you subscribe to their service.

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Now that you made it through our blog on what is internet privacy you must have a pretty clear idea on what are the steps to securing your fundamental privacy rights, thus preventing it from ever happening again, for that reason we also recommend subscribing to FastestVPN for the added benefits of Wi-Fi security, multiple security protocols, military-grade encryption, internet kill switch and no data log policy to name a few. Of course, if you were wondering their services are also extremely cheap, Forbes websites also voted FastestVPN as the best budget VPN for 2019 in that regard.

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