How to Stream Sergey Kovalev vs Canelo Alvarez on Kodi

Watch Kovalev VS Alvarez on Kodi

When Canelo Alvarez enters the ring next time, it will be against a champion that’s two divisions ahead of him. The WBO Light Heavyweight Champion Sergey Kovalev is Canelo’s next target.

The fight was finalized around two weeks ago, it’s all set to take place on November 2. Canelo will be punching above his reach when he takes on Kovalev. But Canelo ranks as one of the best fighters in boxing right now. During a post-announcement interview, Kovalev regarded Canelo as one of the biggest tests of his boxing career.

Kovalev will be putting his WBO Light Heavyweight title on the line. While fans may be baffled over the decision of picking Kovalev, a fighter two divisions above and who is physically at an advantage, there’s actually a sound reason, according to Canelo’s former trainer.

Sergey Kovalev vs Canelo Alvarez – What You Need to Know

The MGM Grand Garden Arena will be host to the Sergey Kovalev vs Canelo Alvarez and the preceding fights in the undercard. As part of Canelo’s 5-year contract with DAZN, the fight will stream live exclusively through DAZN.

Next, we’ll discuss how you can watch Sergey Kovalev vs Canelo Alvarez on Kodi.

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Stream Sergey Kovalev vs Canelo Alvarez on Kodi

Since DAZN is the official platform through which you can stream the fight, it leaves you with just one concern. Like many other streaming services out there, DAZN is geo-restricted due to its availability only in some countries.

The current list of supported countries looks like this:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Japan

If your country is not on the list then don’t worry, let VPN take care of that roadblock. With a VPN like FastestVPN, you can easily access DAZN, as well as many other streaming services online by spoofing your location.

How VPN works can be understood plainly; it lets you connect to a server that lets you use its IP address to route your internet traffic. It effectively masks you’re actually IP address with the one of the VPN servers, allowing you to surf the web unrestricted. So, simply by connecting to any country where DAZN is available, you can access the service regardless of your location in the world.

Here’s how to setup VPN on Kodi:

Once it has installed, go back to the home screen, navigate to Add-ons from the left-side menu. Launch DAZN on Kodi. You can now start watching this and many other fights on-demand.

Sergey Kovalez vs Canelo Alvarez Stats

Sergey Kovalev

  • Nationality: Russian
  • Division: Light Heavyweight
  • Height: 6 ft (183 cm)
  • Reach: 70 in (184 cm)
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Total fights: 38
  • Wins: 34
  • Wins by Knockout: 29
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 1

Canelo Alvarez

  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Division: Welterweight/Light middleweight/Middleweight/Super middleweight/Light Heavyweight
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
  • Reach: 70 ½ in (179 cm)
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Total fights: 55
  • Wins: 52
  • Wins by Knockout: 35
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 2

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Final Thoughts – Sergey Kovalev vs Canelo Alvarez on Kodi

If you are on the fence about signing up for DAZN then consider the opportunity to stream more of such exciting fights throughout the year. DAZN has been signing notable names in the boxing space, just Canelo alone has a 5-year contract.

Not just that but you can also go back to previous PPV events. Just make sure you’re connected to VPN for an unrestricted experience.

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