How to Use Kodi – Complete Setup Guide for Kodi 18 Leia

How to Use Kodi

Downloading Kodi on your device may be a tedious task. Follow our blog on how to use Kodi to overcome that challenge. While downloading Kodi, we recommend you also subscribe to a VPN for the ability to download your favorite Kodi add-ons, free from any geo-restrictions and third-party influence.

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What is Kodi?

Kodi is the ultimate open-source streaming software that delights many with its vast range of media content, from movies, TV shows, and famous documentaries.

Kodi is available in many languages and on numerous devices and requires no additional hardware support. The latest version of Kodi is known as Kodi 18 Leia; Radio data system availability, keyboard support, third-party gaming console support, live TV features, global direct channel support, a “Python 3” interpreter, and an updated video, music, movies, and TV show library.

Kodi add-ons and plugins are the star attraction, allowing you to watch content for free. However, downloading these add-ons are sometimes difficult.

Note: Subscribe to a VPN before downloading Kodi 18 Leia or Kodi add-ons for absolute privacy and security when online.

How to Use Kodi? (Keyboard shortcuts)

Kodi can be tricky to the inexperienced, which is why we included a section if you wish to know how to make your Kodi experience easier, we have laid out a few keyboard shortcuts for your knowledge.

  • Spacebar = Play/Pause
  • X = Stops the video
  • I = Information of the video
  • R = Rewind
  • T = Switch subtitles OFF or ON
  • Left Arrow = Jumps back 30 seconds
  • Right Arrow = Jumps forward 30 seconds
  • F9 = Decrease volume
  • F10 = Increase volume

How Does Kodi Work? (Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and iOS)

Kodi promises to be easy to download and simple to use for all your devices. However, the installation process is a little different on each device, which is why we divided this section into different sub-sections. The simplest way to install Kodi is directly from its website.

Kodi for Windows and Mac devices

Here is how you can download their Kodi for your windows or mac device.

  1. Visit Kodi website > Select the downloads option in the top-right hand menu
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Windows/Mac icon
  3. Select windows store, Installer (32Bit), or installer (64Bit) option.
  4. In a few seconds, the Kodi file should pop-up for download
  5. Once the process is complete open the downloaded file and the installation process should begin.
  6. Once installed ends, you can run Kodi

Don’t also forget to subscribe and download a trusted VPN service, like FastestVPN, whenever you download files online for added security and protection against ISP and hackers.

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Kodi for Android devices

The following list is a step by step guide on how to download Kodi for all android devices.

Kodi is, of course, available on Google Play Store if you wish to download it from there, but you can also download their service directly from the website itself. The process is the same for Windows or Mac OS users.

  1. Open your android device
  2. Open the Play Store
  3. Type Kodi in the search bar
  4. Once you found the app tap to install
  5. Open Kodi once it is installed, and follow our guide given above on how to use Kodi for the maximum experience.

Kodi for iOS devices

For IOS devices the process is very different as per the latest version of Kodi “Kodi 18 Leia”. You must either have a jailbreak iOS device running iOS 6.0 or higher, or a non-jailbreak iOS device running iOS 6.0 or higher and your Mac device running Xcode 7. Although this may seem tedious, the reason behind these requirements is that Kodi isn’t officially available for iOS devices as of now. However, if you fulfill the given requirements, then the process is the same as for any other device. Don’t forget you can also download FastestVPN for maximum security when downloading or watching favorite content on Kodi.

Kodi for Linux

For Linux devices the process is such;

Open your terminal and simply enter these codes exactly:

  • sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
  • sudo add-apt-repository PPA:team-xbmc/PPA
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install Kodi

Once you have completed entering these codes, you can install Kodi for your Linux.

Kodi for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is this incredibly small and programmable computer which was developed in the UK. This computer has grown in the past few years to attract many customers, which is why the latest Kodi version is available on Raspberry Pi.

  1. Download “noobs” on your own personal computer
  2. Extract the files and copy to an SD card or external device
  3. Plug the SD card into your Raspberry Pi computer
  4. Once plugged in select LibreELEC or OSMC in the list
  5. The installation process should begin shortly afterward.

Kodi Add-ons

Now that you understand how to use Kodi, you can also follow this guide to download your own Kodi add-on, regardless of what device you use. Remember to download and install a VPN service of your choice to protect your online data and privacy, from hackers and other third-party sites.

  1. Open Kodi on your device > Select Settings in the left-hand corner > Select file manager icon
  2. Select ‘none’ > Paste the URL of the given repository for your Kodi add-on (normally given) > Select to confirm.
  3. Name the repository whatever you wish > select ok to confirm
  4. Go back to the main menu > select add-ons from the icon of the “open box”.
  5. Install from Zip File > click on the repository you named > installation should begin in a few moments
  6. After installed select the name of the repository you installed
  7. Choose either video or program add-on > Find an add-on of your choice and install.

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Kodi is the ultimate fusion of all your favorite content all in one place; we hope you found our blog on how to use Kodi useful.

Do make sure you have the correct version of Kodi installed and be sure to subscribe to Kodi VPN service provider, like FastestVPN, for the maximum security when downloading un-official or official Kodi add-ons. Using a Kodi VPN service, you can get the added bonus of removing any unwanted advertisements and blocking malicious malware attempts, and the best one does so at no extra expense.

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