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best vpn for china

The Republic of China observes some strict rules when it comes to the internet. The Great Firewall is an internet filter put in place by the Chinese government. It blocks websites and apps that it deems fit for censorship. For example, Facebook and many other social media websites are blocked in China. The solution? Use a VPN for China.

Why you need a good VPN for China

The Republic of China is very strict in enforcing rules and regulations. People have been jailed for violating them. It’s a huge risk to visit these websites from China. However, there is a way to get pass these restrictions without the government knowing of your activities.

VPN in China is the only safe and secure way to unblock every such restricted website. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that utilizes a network of servers scattered around the globe. The service grants user a private IP address that bridges connection with one of the servers worldwide. All the internet traffic is then rerouted through the VPN service’s server instead of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The best VPN for china boast a network of hundreds of servers worldwide, scattered around in different geographic locations. What that enables is access to different countries with one click of a button. Users can access content from a particular country while using a video-streaming service like Netflix.

What to look for in a VPN service plan for China

Before you venture into finding a VPN for China on your own, here are a key things you must keep in mind. A VPN service is made up of several building blocks, each of them serves as a key pillar that goes on to create a strong VPN experience. There are several VPN providers in the market and without proper knowledge you will find yourself overwhelmed.

Look for these features when choosing a VPN for China: 


Performance is one of the important things to consider in a VPN for China. Because you are rerouting internet traffic through the VPN service’s servers instead, there’s an unavoidable performance loss. The best VPN service are built to mitigate the performance loss to as little as possible.

Read up reviews of some of the best VPN for China and see what users are saying about its performance.

Worldwide Coverage

As we discussed earlier, performance is an important for factor to look for in VPN for China. One way to address that is to have a large number of servers worldwide. The closer a server is located to the user, the better the latency. This in turn improves performance significantly.

The best VPN for China offer hundreds of servers scattered geographically.


Security is one of the fundamental pillars and a big reason why we use a VPN in the first place. VPN for China features something called encryption. It is a way of ensuring that only the designated receiver can read the data using a special decryption key.

The best VPN for China utilize AES 256-bit encryption which is used by the military and trusted by security experts around the world. The presence of AES 256-bit encryption is a good sign of a VPN’s quality.


Bandwidth here refers to the amount of data you consume while using a VPN for China. Some VPN services offer limited bandwidth that run out when you need it the most. The best VPN for China come with an unlimited bandwidth that makes the offer worth your while. Unlimited bandwidth is a must if you’re a movie buff who streams at high resolutions. You will run out of bandwidth sooner than you think.

Simultaneous Devices Support

One of the ways VPN for China make their services interesting is by including multiple devices support. What that means is that a single subscription can be used to connect multiple devices simultaneously. The best VPN for China offer simultaneous connections for up to 4 or more devices.

This adds value to the package. You can share your VPN for China subscription with someone in your family, and the two people can easily connect their own devices from a single account.


Whether you’re running Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, the top VPN for China support all these platforms. They go as far as to have apps for platforms, such as Kodi and Fire Stick. It is a good measure to confirm that your devices fall under the VPN service’s compatibility list.

Dedicated Apps for Mobile

Smart devices have replaced our desktops and laptops. They are now seen as priority devices for developers. The best VPN for China have amazing apps for mobile devices. Simply download them from the app store, install them, and surf the web anonymously.

Even though many VPN for China that do not feature mobile apps do feature router support. But configuring router takes longer to set up when compared to an app that comes pre-configured and takes little time to install.

When choosing a VPN for China, check if a particular VPN for China features app for your favorite platform.

Customer Service

One final key is undoubtedly customer service. As you use VPN for China, you may encounter issues down the road or even during the installation process. A reliable and quick customer service will help you fix such issues.

Every VPN service offers customer service via email, but few of them have a dedicated 24×7 chat option. VPN for China provides this convenience. It’s a huge point to consider, otherwise, you’ll be waiting for the VPN provider to respond.

Ease of Use

Fortunately, VPN for China come preconfigured, there’s no effort done on your part. Another important factor when choosing a VPN for China then becomes ease-of-use. A successful application is one that doesn’t overwhelms the user.

Check out the top VPN services and what people are saying about their user experience.


What good is a VPN service if it doesn’t work when you desperately want it to? Up time is another factor to consider when choosing a VPN for China. The best VPN for china will always have the best up time and reliability.


Finally, it all comes to cost. Most VPN for China offer 1 month package as well and they typically cost $10 – $15. VPN services are often holding deals throughout the year, offering packages at throwaway prices. Check to see if your VPN for China is currently holding a sale, you may pay a lot less than usual.

Which VPN Protocols are best for China?

VPN protocols can be thought of as a security language in which data is transferred. The popular VPN protocols are OpenVPN, IPSEC/L2TP, and PPTP. The best VPN for China feature multiple protocols for users to choose from.

Although there’s no single protocol best suited for China, OpenVPN is preferred because it provides security as well as speed. Not to mention that it has the best compatibility. The Chinese government may block some protocol, thus, blocking your access. However, you can fix it by simply switching to a different VPN protocol. Other protocols in best China VPN may not be as fast as OpenVPN but they will surely bypass the restriction.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a VPN in China illegal?

Using a VPN for China is not considered illegal, even though it’s illegal to operate a VPN service in the country. VPN is quite popular in China due to a number of websites like Facebook and Instagram being blocked. VPN services operate outside of China, away from their jurisdiction.

What is the best VPN protocol to use in China?

Here are the best protocols for VPN for China based on each platform:

  • Desktop: OpenVPN
  • iOS: IPsec
  • Android: OpenVPN

What’s the difference between a proxy and a VPN?

A proxy is an encryption that works within the confines of a web browser, it does not cover applications running outside. A VPN on the other hand manages the entire internet traffic on the device.

My VPN isn’t working? My VPN is slow! Why?

If you are experiencing slow internet while using VPN for China then switch to a different server. Try switching to the next best region until the issue feels resolved.

Keep in mind that VPN for China may become overwhelmed with traffic on certain days like the Chinese New Year, or get blocked entirely by the government. If none of these seem like a reason for the slow performance, contact customer support.

Which VPN server / country IP should I use when in China?

As we discussed earlier, performance depends largely on the server you’re connected to. The closer the server, the better the performance. Some VPN services might also provide optimized servers via Chinese VPN servers. Typically, Hong Kong and Japan are the best locations to connect to while using VPN for China.

In a nutshell, performance depends on two factors: Download/Upload speed and latency.

Download/Upload speeds refers to the amount of data your internet connection can send in a second. Speeds are best when connected to servers that are near to your location. Latency refers to the delay or the time it takes for data to reach your device. Latency is very important in certain activities like gaming. It’s best to connect to nearest server location.

You can check your internet speed while running VPN for China by running a test on It will show you your download/upload speed and latency, as well as your IP address and the server you are connected to.

Does FastestVPN work in China?

Yes, FastestVPN is one of the best VPN for China that work flawlessly in the country.

What if I want to watch Youku from outside China? Are there any VPNs servers in China?

Accessing Chinese content from outside the country doesn’t work, you will face geo-restriction. You can overcome this by switching to a China server. Almost every best VPN for China features servers in the country.

Does Opera VPN work in China?

OperaVPN is a lightweight VPN launched by Opera for its web browser, including apps for Android and iOS. It was a good VPN for China until the Chinese government blocked the service. OperaVPN have been shut down after this ban.

Is Reddit Banned in China?

Reddit is one of the most beloved communities on the internet. Unfortunately, it is no longer accessible in mainland China.

Reddit is a popular forum that features sub-sections of just about anything you could imagine. It’s also one of the most visited websites in the world with an active userbase that discusses the latest news in politics. So it is easy to see why the Chinese government would find Reddit objectionable.

VPN for China is the only way to access Reddit in China.

Last Words

VPN for China is an absolute necessity. There’s a long list of popular websites that are blocked by the Chinese government, and more are added to the list time after time.

Use a VPN to get pass all these restrictions and surf the web unrestricted and anonymously. Since VPNs are not illegal in China, you will be safe against any violation. Keep in the mind the key factors that we have listed for VPN for China. They are important factors to consider when choosing a VPN for China.

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